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Mumbai instagram influencers


In the world of social media, the power of influence cannot be underestimated. Instagram influencers, with their ability to sway the choices and preferences of their followers, have become a force to be reckoned with. However, authenticity is key in this realm. Influencers who merely parrot scripted opinions risk losing the trust and respect of their audience.

Recognizing the significance of these individuals, brands are actively seeking genuine influencers to partner with, those who can effectively amplify their message and spread it far and wide. In the realm of regional influencer marketing, Mumbai stands out as a hub of talent and creativity, offering immense potential for both local and global brands to gain recognition on a regional scale.

In light of this, we have meticulously curated a list of the top 10 Mumbai Instagram influencers, who possess the qualities and influence required for a successful collaboration. Join us as we unveil these extraordinary individuals, who are poised to leave a lasting impact on the vibrant social media landscape of Mumbai.

Deeksha Khurana @deekshakhurana

Deeksha Khurana, a prominent fashion and travel blogger from Mumbai, has made a name for herself in the world of social media. With a remarkable follower base of 621K on Instagram, Deeksha captivates her audience with her impeccable sense of style and valuable fashion tips. Her Instagram feed is a treasure trove of fashion inspiration, offering insights into the latest trends and styling techniques.

Not limited to Instagram alone, Deeksha also manages a thriving YouTube channel where she shares her expertise through engaging content such as haircare and makeup tutorials, travel vlogs, and much more. One of her noteworthy ventures includes co-hosting the exclusive Spotify podcast, ‘whatisupsister,’ with her sister Kritika Khurana. In this podcast, they delve into various topics, from travel experiences to the art of manifestation, and provide valuable advice for a healthy lifestyle.

Deeksha’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as she proudly serves as the founder of her own fashion label, @deeclothing. She openly shares her journey of launching this label on her podcast, inspiring others to pursue their dreams. Her dedication to connecting with her audience is evident in her impressive engagement rate of 5.83% and an average of 35.9K likes per post.

On Instagram, Deeksha showcases her versatility through captivating reels, featuring diverse fashion content such as daily outfits, hair transformations, modern and ethnic ensembles, and much more. Her authenticity and unique perspective have attracted notable collaborations with renowned brands like Swiggy India, Hershey’s India,, and Nua Women, to name a few.

Deeksha’s influence goes beyond the digital realm as she has also been featured as a model for Lavie bags and shoes. Together with her sister, she graced the cover of Ketchup magazine, further solidifying her position as a style icon.

For a daily dose of fashion inspiration and a glimpse into the life of a multi-talented influencer, make sure to follow Deeksha Khurana on Instagram. Prepare to be inspired by her impeccable style, travel adventures, and insightful content that truly sets her apart in the world of Mumbai’s Instagram influencers.

Sejal Kumar @sejalkumar1195

Sejal Kumar, a multi-talented Instagram influencer based in Mumbai, has left an indelible mark in the digital realm as a creator, songwriter, singer, and YouTuber. Her journey began in 2014 when she launched her YouTube channel, which has since amassed a million loyal followers and an impressive 199 million views on her captivating videos. Sejal’s content revolves around fashion, styling tips, singing, and captivating travel experiences.

Her exceptional talent and passion have garnered significant recognition. Sejal had the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with Michelle Obama as one of the eight YouTube creators for Change. In addition, she released her first original song, an empowering anthem that encourages women to be fearless and independent. Furthermore, Sejal’s passion for acting led her to secure the lead role in Netflix’s ‘Engineering Girls’ in 2018, showcasing her versatility and acting prowess.

With an extensive follower base of nearly 850K on Instagram, Sejal captivates her audience with her engaging posts, earning an average of 10.7K likes per post. Her creative endeavors have been celebrated with numerous prestigious awards, including the ‘Best Lifestyle Blogger’ at the Cosmopolitan India Bloggers Awards 2019, the ‘Best Youth Influencer Award’ by Women of Steel Summit and Awards, the ‘Fashion Account of the Year’ by Instagram in 2018, and the esteemed title of ‘Instagrammer of the Year for Fashion’ in 2019. Sejal’s brand collaborations include renowned names like Nike, Samsung, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Amazon, and many others, attesting to her influence and impact in the industry.

In recognition of her immense talent and accomplishments, Sejal Kumar was featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for the 2021 Special Mention Creator’s List. Her Instagram feed serves as a treasure trove of offbeat fashion inspiration, where she effortlessly showcases her unique style and shares her creative endeavors with her dedicated followers.

For a delightful blend of fashion inspiration, soulful music, and captivating travel experiences, make sure to follow Sejal Kumar on Instagram. Prepare to be inspired by her talent, versatility, and infectious enthusiasm as she continues to leave an indelible mark as one of Mumbai’s most talented Instagram influencers.

Saba Ibrahim @saba_ka_jahaan

Saba Ibrahim, an accomplished actor, model, and YouTuber, stands as one of Mumbai’s most renowned influencers, boasting an impressive follower base of 990K on Instagram. As a fashion and lifestyle influencer, Saba’s Instagram feed brims with captivating styling ideas and outfit inspiration. Her ability to connect with her audience is evident, with an impressive engagement rate of nearly 6%. Through her engaging videos, Saba shares tutorials on ethnic dresses, makeup tips, and skincare routines, providing her followers with valuable insights.

In addition to her Instagram presence, Saba owns a YouTube channel called ‘Saba ka jahan,’ where she shares her daily vlogs. With an astounding 2.1 million subscribers, Saba captivates her YouTube audience, engaging with them at a commendable 5.42% engagement rate. Her channel serves as a window into her everyday life, sharing moments of joy, and offering motivational content that uplifts her fans. The significant average of 56.1K likes and over 400 comments on Saba’s posts is a testament to the genuine and relatable content that has endeared her to countless hearts.

Saba’s influence extends to collaborations with renowned brands such as Ayur Herbals, Lafz, Skin Dews, and Merchant Fragrances, among many others. Her ability to seamlessly blend fashion inspiration with her authentic personality has made her a go-to influencer for quick style tips and trends.

For a quick dose of fashion inspiration and a glimpse into the life of a multi-talented influencer, head over to Saba Ibrahim’s Instagram feed. Prepare to be captivated by her impeccable style, genuine content, and the positive energy she radiates, making her an absolute delight to follow in Mumbai’s dynamic influencer landscape.

Akriti Rana @aakritiranaofficial

Akriti Rana, a vibrant fashion blogger, stylist, and YouTuber, brings a burst of color and adventure to the world of social media. With an army of dedicated followers numbering 859K on Instagram, Akriti’s presence is a breath of fresh air. Her own YouTube channel serves as a platform where she shares engaging videos on fashion, makeup, skincare, travel vlogs, and captivating stories that push the boundaries of creativity.

Aesthetically pleasing and exuding a cool breeze, Akriti’s Instagram and YouTube feeds transport her audience to scenic destinations across the globe. Her unique taste in fashion and styling is unparalleled, leaving viewers with a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) as they witness her striking poses in picturesque settings.

With an engagement rate of nearly 2%, Akriti actively interacts with her followers, receiving an average of 15.5K likes on her posts. Moreover, beyond her fashion expertise, she offers motivation and guidance, discussing topics such as dealing with insecurities and overcoming hatred on her YouTube channel.

Akriti’s influence extends to collaborations with renowned brands like L’Oreal Paris, Myntra, and Too Faced India, where her captivating content and vibrant personality align seamlessly with their brand values.

For a burst of color, fashion inspiration, and an escape into a world of adventure, head to Akriti Rana’s Instagram feed. Prepare to be captivated by her breathtaking visuals, unique styling choices, and the positive energy she exudes. Additionally, her YouTube channel offers a source of motivation and guidance, making Akriti an influential and inspiring figure in Mumbai’s vibrant influencer community.

Satyajit Mujumder @thetwoinoneguy

Satyajit Mujumder, a trailblazing Instagram influencer with an impressive fan following of 899K, has firmly established himself as one of Mumbai’s top influencers. With a focus on fashion, lifestyle, travel, and food, Satyajit is on a mission to build his empire in the digital realm. His Instagram account serves as a vibrant canvas, showcasing his explorations of various places and food destinations.

Satyajit’s travel experiences across the country are bound to ignite a sense of wanderlust within you. From picturesque landscapes to hidden gems and delectable culinary delights, he encapsulates the essence of his journeys, offering his followers a glimpse into a world of adventure.

With his remarkable engagement with followers, Satyajit has attracted the attention of numerous brands seeking collaborations. Renowned names like Amazon India, Mamaearth, Dominos India, Wild Stone, and Patanjali Kesh Kanti have recognized his influence and partnered with him to showcase their products and services. As you scroll through his Instagram reels, you’ll discover the humorous side of this charismatic influencer, adding a touch of entertainment to his content.

Satyajit’s ability to create engaging and relatable content has propelled him to the forefront of the influencer landscape. His passion for exploration, combined with his infectious humor, makes him a compelling figure to follow.

If you’re seeking a delightful mix of fashion, travel, food, and entertainment, look no further than Satyajit Mujumder’s Instagram feed. Prepare to be captivated by his vibrant content, infectious energy, and the unique perspective he brings to Mumbai’s thriving influencer scene.

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Dixita Patel @dixitapatell

Dixita Patel, a renowned fashion model, and Instagrammer, captivates her audience with her million-dollar smile. Her stellar Instagram feed is a treasure trove of fashion, makeup, and travel inspiration. With a dedicated follower base of 785K, Dixita’s genuine interaction with her fans has propelled her to receive an average of 20.4K likes on her posts.

Dixita’s expertise extends beyond Instagram, as she shares amazing and easy-to-follow content on her YouTube channel. Her videos cover a wide range of topics, including easy styling tips, photoshoot advice, lehenga poses, hairstyle hacks, must-try selfie poses, skincare tips, saree draping ideas, must-have footwear, summer makeup tutorials, and much more. When in need of inspiration for striking poses, Dixita’s Instagram handle is a go-to resource.

With an impressive engagement rate of approximately 2.6%, Dixita actively connects with her followers, fostering a sense of community and building a loyal fan base. Her influence has attracted collaborations with notable brands, including Epigamia Greek Yogurt, Puma India, Cuffs and Lashes, Gush Beauty, and many others.

For a delightful blend of fashion, makeup, and travel inspiration, Dixita Patel’s Instagram feed is the perfect destination. Prepare to be inspired by her infectious smile, impeccable style, and the wealth of knowledge she shares through her YouTube channel. Dixita’s collaborations with esteemed brands further solidify her position as an influential figure in the Mumbai influencer community.

Sayan Bakshi @theorangeepistles

Sayan Bakshi, a passionate content creator, delves into the realms of fashion, lifestyle, travel, entertainment, and men’s grooming. Originally from Kolkata, Sayan has made a mark as one of Mumbai’s finest influencers, having made the bold decision to leave his 9-to-5 job as medical personnel to pursue a full-time career in influencing. With an impressive follower base of 609K on Instagram, Sayan actively engages with his audience, boasting an engagement rate of 4.63%.

Sayan’s creative and relatable content has struck a chord with his followers, resulting in an average of 28.1K likes on his posts. For those seeking quick fashion inspiration, his Instagram feed is a must-visit. Furthermore, Sayan owns a blog called ‘The Orange Epistles,’ where he dives deeper into various topics such as skincare, makeup, fashion, and all things that bring happiness to life.

Sayan’s exceptional work has caught the attention of numerous fashion, lifestyle, and travel brands, leading to successful collaborations. Notable names include Bata, Amazon Fashion, Mochi, Nexa, Forever 21, Calvin Klein, Titan, Asian Paints, Shoppers Stop, Gillette, Braun, Philips, Nykaa Man, Plan My Holidays, PharmEasy, Bumble, JW Marriott, Audi, Spykar, Carlton London, Paytm, and many others.

For an immersive experience in fashion, lifestyle, travel, and men’s grooming, Sayan Bakshi’s Instagram feed is a treasure trove. Prepare to be inspired by his creative content, attention to detail, and the valuable insights he shares through his blog. Sayan’s collaborations with esteemed brands are a testament to his influence and establish him as a prominent figure in the Mumbai influencer community.

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Indica Roy @Taste_and_plate

Indica Roy, a versatile blogger, and influencer, possesses a mastery over the realms of food, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. Her influence extends beyond the digital realm, as she is a verified Amazon influencer. As a former Miss Teen India finalist, Indica has a deep passion for creating captivating posts and sharing them with her dedicated followers.

With an impressive engagement rate of 11%, Indica has a keen understanding of her audience’s interests and preferences. This insight has allowed her to collaborate with a multitude of renowned brands, showcasing their products to her followers.

Some of these notable collaborations include mCaffeine for skincare (ER – over 7.50%), Secret Temptation for fragrances (ER – 6.50%), Herbscience for intimate hygiene (ER – 7.70%), Odd Bhoot for unique tees (ER – over 8%), INBISCO India for their Kopico Coffee Candy (ER – 8.33%), The Thekka restaurant for an enjoyable dining experience with friends (ER – 6.67%), Onroad Co. for masks (ER – 9%), Nature Sure for health and beauty products (ER – 3%), Mother Sparsh for skincare (ER – over 8.50%), Trycone Group for their beauty products (ER – 4%), and many others.

Indica’s posts encompass a wide range of topics, ensuring that whatever you are searching for, chances are it will be mentioned in her content. If you’re seeking inspiration, recommendations, or simply a glimpse into the world of a Mumbai influencer, Indica Roy’s virtual home is the perfect place to start your hunt. Get ready to immerse yourself in her captivating posts and discover a wealth of exciting possibilities.

Minal @Moma_tales

Minal, a radiant mother and digital creator, shares her journey through captivating content focused on parenting, lifestyle, and food. Engaging with her audience effortlessly at a remarkable 4% engagement rate, this Mumbai-based Instagram influencer knows the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle for both parents and children.

Minal’s collaborations with renowned brands exemplify her commitment to promoting well-being. Partnering with FirstCryIndia for their FirstCry FitJunior program, Minal emphasized the significance of healthy eating habits for children, garnering an impressive engagement rate of 5.85%. She also delved into the topic of menstrual hygiene, teaming up with LAIQA to offer her readers a special discount code (ER – over 4%). Furthermore, Minal welcomed Godrej Protekt (ER – 4.50%) as her household’s trusted hygiene maintenance partner, ensuring a safe and clean environment for her family.

As a trusted influencer, Minal provides valuable recommendations to her followers. She enthusiastically endorses Carbamide Forte Supplements (ER – almost 5%) as a reliable source of multivitamins and suggests MamyPoko (ER – 4.40%) gentle baby wipes for new mothers seeking the perfect choice for their little ones. Minal also encourages her audience to add a touch of healthy indulgence to their daily routine with raw organic honey from Societe Naturelle (ER – 5%). Additionally, she invites parents to enroll their children in the fun and engaging English language learning platform, Cambly Kids.

These collaborations are just a glimpse of the notable brand partnerships Minal has been a part of. As you explore Minal’s Instagram feed, you’ll discover a wealth of essential knowledge sprinkled throughout her content. So take your time, immerse yourself in her inspiring posts, and embark on a journey of discovery.

Bhavini Purohit @purohitbhavini

Bhavini Purohit, known for her acting prowess in the TV serial “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya,” has also established herself as a popular fashion influencer, captivating an audience of 253k followers on Instagram.

Driven by her desire to have a positive impact on her followers and fans, Bhavini always aspired to become an influencer. She leverages social media as a platform to express her views on food, fashion, travel, and more, connecting with her audience on a deeper level.

One of Bhavini’s most viewed posts, with over 283k views, was her recreation of the viral “Rasode main Kaun tha?” scene from her show, which remarkably engaged her audience at an astonishing rate of almost 112%! This highlights her ability to create content that resonates with her fans and keeps them actively engaged. In her posts, Bhavini often poses questions related to the pictures she shares, presenting them in the form of multiple-choice questions, adding a fun and interactive element to her content.

Bhavini’s remarkable engagement rate of about 7% reflects her strong connection with her followers. Her authenticity and relatability make her a beloved influencer among her fans.

Having collaborated with notable brands such as Purplle (ER – almost 12%), Blenders Pride Whisky (ER – over 12%), Vasu Healthcare (ER – over 8%), Inorbit Mall, Malad (ER – almost 44%), MIA by Tanishq (ER – nearly 37%), Aldo India (ER – over 6%), Garnier India (ER – almost 46%), and participating in the Rise Up Challenge by Mahindra Group (ER – nearly 9%), Bhavini has demonstrated her ability to form successful partnerships. Given her influence and style, a lifestyle brand would be a suitable collaborator for Bhavini, allowing her to showcase her unique persona and compliment her content seamlessly.

Bhavini’s journey as an actress and influencer continues to inspire her followers, and her commitment to creating engaging and meaningful content sets her apart in the world of fashion and lifestyle influencing.


In conclusion, the rise of Instagram influencer marketing has become an integral part of brands’ marketing strategies. The success of such collaborations relies on the careful selection of influencers who align with the brand’s vision, product category, and target audience. The campaigns’ goals often include product launches, brand awareness, content generation, and community building. Influencer marketing proves particularly effective in content creation and audience building.

The profiles of Mumbai-based influencers discussed in this series exemplify the diverse range of talents and interests within the influencer community. From fashion, lifestyle, and beauty to parenting, travel, and food, these influencers have carved their own niches and amassed significant followings. Their engagement rates, partnerships with renowned brands, and awards highlight their influence and impact.

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