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Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh Our exclusive creator Gurpreet Singh is an amazing entertainer with some astonishing dancing skills. His 99k followers have never failed to be amazed by him and he continues to post dancing videos regularly. Through social media, he showcases his dancing skills and engages with his audience almost everyday.  It is safe to say […]
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Tariq Khan

Tariq Khan Tariq Khan, a renowned social media influencer in India, is known for his skills in photography and videography. Bollywood stars like Deepika Padukone, Shilpa Shetty, Sunny Leone, Arman Malik, and many others have worked with him. Tariq Khan is one of our incredibly talented exclusive creators who has mastered every trick and tip […]
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6th streetartist Rohit Singhaniya 1

Rohit Singhania

Rohit Singhania Rohit Singhania is a popular Indian TikTok star and social media influencer. On Instagram, he has more than 2.2M+ followers, and on YouTube, he has more than 383K+ subscribers. He had also appeared in a music video, “Behaya” (1.3M+ views – Garage Gully Records). Along with his comedy, lip-sync, travel, and lifestyle videos, […]
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6th streetartist Rimpa roy 6

Rimpa Roy

Rimpa Roy Making short videos on TikTok brought Rimpa Roy fame. She is a media network influencer whose content focuses on fashion and lifestyle. Rimpa Roy has more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and she is known for her dance, lip-sync, and beauty tips videos. She has acted in several music videos, including “Pari […]
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Vishal Kalra

Vishal Kalra Vishal Kalra is an Indian social media influencer with over 106K Instagram followers. As a visionary influencer and actor, he is eager to break into the movie industry. A music video featuring Vishal Kalra known as “Basera,” created by Musiway, received 1.2M+ views. He makes content on comedy, lip-sync, and general topics. Category: […]
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Zubin Choudhary

Zubin Choudhary Zubin Choudhary is a renowned personality with a passion for fitness and singing. 6th Street Artist is proud to have Zubin Choudhary as an exclusive creator and have worked together on a fitness-themed reel series. All of his audience stands behind him as he presents videos about lifestyle, fitness, and music. He has […]
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Nida Khan

Nida Khan Nida Khan is a well-known social media influencer who represents fashion, lifestyle, and comedy genres on various platforms. As a creative member of our exclusive artists’ deck, she has a large fan following of more than 264K followers on Instagram, as well as a growing fan base on YouTube. Nida Khan’s acting talent […]
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Rizwan Rizwan Khan is known for his outstanding acting abilities. Having 1.6M+ followers on Instagram & 1.22M+ subscribers on YouTube, he is highly competitive when it comes to lip-syncing, lifestyle, and acting videos. In his role as our exclusive creator, Rizwan Khan has used those extra spaces to construct a unique and creative thought process […]
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Aanchal Shah

Aanchal Shah With 102K+ followers on Instagram, our exclusive creator, Aanchal Shah has consistently amazed everyone with her fashion sense. In addition to gujarati music albums, Aanchal has appeared in several web series, displaying her versatility as an actress. She is still ruling the audiences’ minds with her engaging and creative lip-sync, comedy, fashion and […]
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Neetu Bisht

Neetu Bisht Neetu Bisht is a big name that has been phenomenal in her modelling photoshoots. She is one of our most talented exclusive creators. Her Instagram account has over 2.7M followers and her YouTube channel has over 643K subscribers. As a social media influencer, she has created outstanding videos on lifestyle, fashion, modelling, general […]
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