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Look how wonderful work we have done!

Livpure, a maker of water purifiers, air conditioners, air coolers, air purifiers, and other smart solutions for the home, now offers sleep and wellness products designed to help consumers sleep better and live more comfortably.

Considering the hype around consumer-influencer relationships, Livpure felt that influencer marketing was necessary. Through influencer marketing, many brands have been able to successfully improve their approach to perfection, integrity, ideation, and streamlined brand awareness strategies.

Initially, we created concepts related to Dance, Fitness, Entertainment, Finance, Travel, and so on. Script-writing for Instagram reels came into play after the genres were finalized with various influencers promoting Livpure Products. The whole process of making the influencers understand what enactment they need to do, from ideation to script writing, was completed in one go.


  • Sleep Products and Water Purifiers