Talent Management

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We Let Young Talent Shine

Human resources development professionals have embraced Talent Management as a right-wing concept. It helps HR departments of various organizations figure out the right talent for their workplace in advance. Innovation in HR initiatives regarding development programs plays a crucial role in retaining key employees in a market that is increasingly driven by demand. Organizations are facing an increasingly complex business environment. 6th Street Artist provides brands and organizations with the assistance they need to engage with new talent. Models and influencers are welcomed and valued at our agency. Our initiatives at 6th Street Artist are designed to produce talents such as models, actors, journalists, social media influencers, etc.

We Believe In

Helping talented individuals to grow
Connect brands and talents
Provides industry specialists for your brand
What Jobs We Provide Our Services Workflow

What Jobs We Provide

We work across all areas in the industry and cover every important sector possible so that no talent is wasted.

  1. Modelling Jobs
  2. Promotional Jobs
  3. Pet Modelling Jobs
  4. Film/TV Jobs
  5. Reality Jobs
  6. Modelling Competitions
6th Street Artist is one of the finest influencer marketing agencies that offer some specialized services to enhance a brand's reputation and increase its recognition.
  • Defining a vision for talent up-gradation
  • Provides updated and fresh talent for every brand
  • Develop a talent management road map to identify the loopholes
  • Generate rewards and compensation for extraordinary talents
Ultimately, workflow is what propels every organization toward success, and 6th Street Artists follows this principle to the extent. Jump into talent hunt programs
  • Enables the brand to verify and finalize the talent before the execution of any campaign
  • Analyzes the best workforce pre-planning tactics
  • Executes the hiring process in a go

You can learn more from our Frequently asked questions

Recruitment, corporate learning and development, performance management, and pay management are the four pillars (also known as modules) that talent management programmes are built around.
Talent management is important for creators because it allows them to focus on the creative side of their skills which can be writing, painting, content creation etc.
And, let the talent management agency take the back-end of things like business, brand deal negotiations etc.
One of the simple examples of talent management can be, Rohit Raj and Bhuvan Bam. They’re a team of great talent plus business acumen.