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We Let Young Talent Shine

Content consumption has changed drastically in recent years. The popularity of social media has resulted in more influencers and bloggers. Influencer marketing is on the rise, but influencer talent management agencies are becoming increasingly important as the industry grows.The 6th Street Artist offers influencer talent management services for those looking to develop talent, such as actors, models, journalists, social media influencers, etc. The company manages everything from negotiating influencer brand deals to creating content and promoting it through paid advertising.

We Believe In
Helping talented individuals to grow
Connect brands and talents
Provides industry specialists for your brand



6th Street Artist is one of the influencer marketing agencies that offers some specialised services to enhance a brand’s reputation and increase its recognition.


Defining a vision for talent up-gradation. To keep up with changing trends, 6th Street Artist upgrades its vision statement without changing its core beliefs

Being Up-To-Date

We have some fresh talent on board at 6th Street Artist. By partnering with them, brands can also sustain their relevance in these competitive times

Planned Sequence

Develop a talent management road map to identify the loopholes. We ensure that brands have everything they need to implement a successful talent management strategy


By providing influencer talent management services across all sectors, 6th Street Artist ensures talent does not go to waste.

One of the main objectives of 6th Street Artist as an influencer talent model management agency is to help brands recognize the value of their influencers

Our Influencer Marketing Managers reach agreements on price, content guidelines, and social media posting timing

Our influencer marketing managers constantly seek new brands to partner with beyond overseeing current deals

You can learn more from our

Frequently Asked Questions

Four pillars, referred to as modules, form the framework of a talent management program. A talent management program's four pillars - recruitment, corporate learning and development, performance management, and pay management — include these.
The importance of talent management for creators lies in the fact that it allows them to focus on the creative aspects of their skills, such as writing, creating content, ideation, etc. Negotiations for brand deals, business, etc., are handled by the talent management agency.
They're a talented group with business savvy. Rohit Raj and Bhuvan Bam are excellent examples of talent management.
Live notifications and automatic post search optimise tracking. Enhance your reporting with customization. Analyse sponsored content reactions.
The agencies typically have more expertise and more experience as well as have optimized their operations to streamline things. When agencies foresee problems, they nip them at the bud before they aggravate.
People have started to realise the impact Influencers can have and so, it’s only going to get more competitive and more aggressive. As platforms continue to evolve, there will be more and more people interested in space, which we think you know is a good thing.

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