7 Travel YouTube Channels to Inspire Your Next Trip

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Travel YouTube Channels

Yearning for an escape from the routine monotony of everyday life is a universal desire. Typically, we seek respite by organizing vacations to explore mountains, coastlines, historical landmarks, and more. Yet, regardless of how extensively one travels, certain destinations inevitably elude us. Here, travel Youtubers come into the picture, offering a convenient remedy. Through their mesmerizing narratives, captivating visuals, and engaging videos, they furnish us with a virtual passport that ignites our wanderlust, advocates for responsible travel, and bridges connections to cultures across the globe. These modern-day adventurers, sharing their expeditions, are reshaping the way we encounter the splendor and diversity of our planet.

1. Mohit Manocha (Travelling Desi):

YouTube Subscribers: 3.04M

Mohit Manocha, known as the “Traveling Desi,” is a captivating storyteller and travel enthusiast whose adventures have left a lasting impression on me. I’ve been an avid follower of Mohit’s YouTube channel and blog, and his content never fails to inspire my own wanderlust.

What sets Mohit apart is his genuine passion for exploration and his deep respect for local cultures. His travel vlogs are not just about showcasing picturesque destinations; they’re journeys into the heart of each place he visits. Mohit goes beyond the tourist traps, uncovering hidden gems, trying local cuisines, and connecting with the people he encounters. His ability to bridge cultural gaps and share authentic interactions is truly commendable.

What makes Mohit a standout travel vlogger is his relatability. He doesn’t just present an idealized version of travel; he shares the ups and downs, the challenges, and the moments of sheer wonder. It’s like having a friend take you on a tour of the world, providing practical tips and invaluable insights along the way.

Overall, Mohit Manocha, the Traveling Desi, is not just a vlogger; he’s a virtual travel companion who invites you to explore the world with him. His dedication to responsible and immersive travel experiences is not only informative but also deeply inspiring, making him one of my go-to sources for travel inspiration and guidance.

2. Nomad Shubham:

YouTube Subscribers: 2.85M

Nomad Shubham, the dynamic travel YouTuber, has been a constant source of inspiration and wanderlust for me. My journey as a travel enthusiast has been profoundly enriched by his captivating content and remarkable adventures.

What truly sets Nomad Shubham apart is his unquenchable thirst for exploration and his fearlessness in embracing the unknown. I’ve had the privilege of virtually joining him on his expeditions through his YouTube channel, and every video is a thrilling roller-coaster of emotions. Whether he’s trekking through rugged terrains or immersing himself in local cultures, Shubham’s storytelling abilities transport you to the heart of his experiences.

His commitment to responsible travel is commendable. He not only showcases the breathtaking beauty of the destinations he visits but also highlights the importance of preserving them for future generations. His dedication to eco-conscious and sustainable travel practices serves as a powerful reminder of our responsibility as global citizens.

Nomad Shubham’s videos go beyond the superficial, providing practical insights and valuable tips for fellow travelers. His infectious enthusiasm and genuine love for exploration have fueled my own passion for adventure, and I eagerly await each new upload, ready to embark on another vicarious journey with him.

In conclusion, Nomad Shubham is more than just a travel YouTuber; he’s a trailblazer, an educator, and an inspiration to all who share his love for discovering the beauty of our world.

3. Sujith Bhakthan (Tech Travel Eat):

YouTube Subscribers: 2.08M

Sujith Bhakthan, the creator behind “Tech Travel Eat,” has left an indelible mark on my journey as a traveler and tech enthusiast. My personal encounters with his content have been nothing short of exceptional, and his ability to seamlessly blend technology, travel, and food into captivating narratives is truly remarkable.

His unwavering curiosity and innovative spirit set him aside. Through his YouTube channel and blog, he has introduced me to an array of cutting-edge gadgets and travel tech essentials, making my own adventures more convenient and enjoyable. His meticulous reviews and tutorials have often guided me in making informed tech choices.

Sujith’s travel vlogs are an immersive experience. With every video, I feel transported to the enchanting destinations he explores. His keen eye for detail and knack for storytelling not only showcase the beauty of a place but also its culture and culinary delights. It’s as if I’m traveling alongside him, savoring every moment.

What truly resonates with me is Sujith’s genuine passion for exploration. He’s not just a tech guru but a relentless adventurer, always eager to try something new. His fearlessness in seeking out lesser-known destinations and experiences has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the unknown.

In essence, Sujith Bhakthan is more than a content creator; he’s a trailblazer in the world of tech-infused travel, and his work has had a transformative impact on my own travel experiences. He embodies the spirit of curiosity and adventure, reminding me that the world is full of wonders waiting to be discovered.

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4. Deepanshu Sangwaan (Nomadic Indian):

YouTube Subscribers: 1.63M

Nomadic Indian, the brainchild of Deepandhu Saangwan, has been a constant source of inspiration and enlightenment throughout my journey as a travel enthusiast. My personal interactions with his content have been nothing short of enlightening, and his distinctive approach to travel storytelling continues to leave a lasting impact.

While exploring his videos I found his unquenchable thirst for offbeat exploration and his dedication to preserving cultural authenticity is something that makes him stand out. Through his YouTube channel, he has taken me on extraordinary journeys, delving into remote corners of India and beyond, where his immersive storytelling transforms each video into a window to the world’s diverse cultures and hidden gems.

Deepandhu’s dedication to sustainable and responsible travel is commendable. His commitment to leaving a positive impact on the communities he visits while minimizing environmental harm serves as a powerful reminder of our role as responsible travelers.

Nomadic Indian’s content is a harmonious blend of captivating visuals and insightful narratives. Each video is a mesmerizing tapestry of landscapes, people, and flavors. Deepandhu’s in-depth research and genuine connections with locals add layers of authenticity to his storytelling, making it a cultural and emotional journey.

Finally, I would say that Deepandhu Saangwan, the name behind Nomadic Indian, isn’t just a travel vlogger; he’s a modern-day explorer, an advocate for cultural preservation, and an inspiration for those who, like me, share a deep passion for travel and a reverence for the world’s rich tapestry of cultures. His work continues to fuel my wanderlust and reinforces the profound impact of responsible and immersive travel.

5. Varun Vagish (Mountain Trekker):

YouTube Subscribers: 1.58M

Varun Vagish, known as “The Mountain Trekker,” has been an exceptional guide on my virtual journeys, igniting a deep appreciation for adventure and exploration. My personal encounters with his content have been nothing short of transformative, as Varun master

fully combines his passion for travel with storytelling that transports viewers to breathtaking landscapes.

Varun’s specialty lies in trekking and adventure travel in India, and his videos are a testament to his dedication and expertise. With each video, I embark on a thrilling expedition, scaling peaks, traversing trails, and embracing the serenity of the great outdoors. His meticulous planning and knowledge of the terrain provide invaluable insights for aspiring trekkers like myself.

Varun always remains outstanding with his ability to capture the essence of a destination. His camera lens not only showcases the pristine beauty of mountains and valleys but also delves into the heart of local cultures, introducing me to the people and traditions that make each place unique.

Beyond the visuals, I feel Varun’s narration and storytelling are really compelling. He shares personal anecdotes, challenges, and moments of triumph, creating an emotional connection with the viewer. His genuine enthusiasm for adventure and exploration is infectious, inspiring me to embark on my own journeys.

In conclusion, Varun Vagish, The Mountain Trekker, is more than a travel YouTuber; he’s an adventurer, a storyteller, and an inspiration for those who seek the thrill of the outdoors. His work has not only expanded my horizons but also kindled a profound love for nature and exploration, reminding me that the world is an awe-inspiring place waiting to be explored.

6. Bhuwani Dharan (Tamil Trekker):

YouTube Subscribers: 1.29M

Tamil Trekker, the charismatic YouTuber and adventurer, has been a captivating companion on my virtual journeys. My personal interactions with his content have been nothing short of exhilarating, as he skillfully combines his passion for trekking with storytelling that immerses viewers in the beauty of nature.

I feel Tamil Trekker is distinguishable because of his unwavering commitment to showcasing the unexplored and less-traveled paths of Tamil Nadu and beyond. His videos are a gateway to pristine forests, towering peaks, and hidden waterfalls. Each adventure feels like an opportunity to witness the raw, untouched beauty of nature.

Tamil Trekker’s dedication to responsible trekking and environmental conservation is commendable. He leads by example, emphasizing the importance of leaving no trace and respecting the fragile ecosystems he encounters. This ethos resonates deeply with viewers, promoting a sense of stewardship for our natural world.

I am fond of his storytelling skills. Tamil Trekker’s narrative weaves together awe-inspiring landscapes with tales of local cultures and traditions. His enthusiasm for sharing these experiences is infectious, inspiring viewers to venture out and connect with nature.

In conclusion, Tamil Trekker is more than a trekking enthusiast; he’s an explorer, a conservationist, and a source of inspiration for those eager to reconnect with the great outdoors. His work has not only awakened my love for nature but also strengthened the importance of responsible adventure and the profound impact it can have on our lives.

7. Tanya Khanijow:

YouTube Subscribers: 1.25M

Tanya Khanijow, an adventurous YouTuber and travel enthusiast, has been a constant source of wanderlust and inspiration in my life. My personal experience with her content has been nothing short of transformative, as she combines her love for travel with storytelling that transports viewers to enchanting destinations.

What sets Tanya apart is her relatability. She doesn’t just showcase picturesque locations; she invites her audience to join her on immersive journeys. Her travel vlogs feel like heartfelt conversations with a close friend, sharing genuine experiences, laughter, and sometimes even challenges faced on the road.

Tanya’s dedication to responsible travel and cultural immersion is remarkable. She emphasizes the importance of understanding and respecting local customs, making her adventures both educational and respectful. Her commitment to leaving a positive impact on the places she visits is truly commendable.

Beyond the stunning visuals, Tanya’s storytelling is captivating. Her narratives are infused with curiosity, humor, and an infectious enthusiasm for exploration. She doesn’t just capture the beauty of a place; she encapsulates its soul, connecting viewers with the essence of each destination.

I would say Tanya Khanijow is more than just a travel YouTuber; she’s a genuine explorer, an advocate for cultural understanding, and an inspiration for those who share her passion for adventure and discovery. Her work has enriched my own wanderlust and reinforced the transformative power of immersive travel experiences.

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