Successful Influencing: Best Influencer Marketing Platforms In India

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As social media platforms like Instagram have evolved, that means new careers have arisen. Influencer Marketing is an example of one of those careers spawned by social media platforms like Instagram. The term ‘Influencer Marketing’ is gaining a lot of traction since brands have made their way into these Influencer Marketing platforms.

Who Is an Influencer?

Influencers are individuals who have garnered a certain following in a particular niche and actively engage with their followers via social media to make a positive impact. The reason behind their influence is the fact that their work and opinions for that particular niche. They are actively vocal about their choices. Consequently, those who watch them tend to be influenced by their public decisions.

In a nutshell, influencers are individuals who have the power to influence another individual’s purchasing decision as a result of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience in order to influence their buying decisions.

Types of Influencers

Different influencer marketing platforms online allow you to separate different kinds of influencers in various ways available online. Influencers can be classified into four categories: those who have the most followers, those who have a high level of influence, and those who have the fewest followers.

As an alternative, influencers can also be categorized based on the niche in which they operate. Due to this, influencers who may appear to be low by one measure may appear to be higher when viewed from another perspective. There are four types of influencers that can be identified:

Mega Influencers:

On the best Influencer Marketing Platforms across the digital globe, one is bound to find mega-influencers on their sites because they are among the best in the world. Despite the fact that there are no strict rules regarding what constitutes a mega-influencer, many of these individuals are celebrities who have gained their fame offline – actors, sports figures, musicians, and even reality TV stars.

In addition to the fact that mega-influencers will be extremely expensive, costing up to $1 million per post, they will likely be extremely selective about which brands they work with, and they will likely be extremely selective about which brands they work with.

Despite their large followings, mega-influencers should only be approached for influencer marketing purposes by major brands, as they almost always have agents who manage their marketing on their behalf, even though they may have an extensive following.

Macro Influencers

Influencer Marketing platforms are also known for featuring macro-influencers. A macro-influencer is someone who has 40,000 to 1 million followers on their social networks. As compared to mega-influencers, macro-influencers are one step down the ladder and are generally more accessible.

A macro-influencer is someone who has 40,000 to 1 million followers on a social media network. This person is considered to be a step down from a mega-influencer, and in my opinion, is more accessible to marketers than the mega-influencer. In general, there are two types of people who make up the micro-influencer group.

In the first case, you have people who are not yet celebrities but have built up quite significant followings online. In the second case, you have people who are successful online experts, who have built up much larger followings than the typical micro-influencer team.


There are also micro-influencers who are featured on Influencer Marketing platforms. Micro-influencers are ordinary people who are known for their knowledge of a specific niche and have become well-known for that knowledge. In the world of micro-influencers, the nature of influence is changing.

As micro-influencers build up their followings, they do not want to harm the relationship they have with their fans if they are seen to promote an unsuitable product. Micro-influencers are becoming more and more popular over the last few years. Several have made their way from virtual obscurity to be just as well-known as traditional celebrities. This is especially true for Generation Z, who spend more time browsing the internet than watching television or attending sports or movies.

There have been many niche topics devoted to the internet that has resulted in the fragmentation of the media. Even if the topic you are interested in is relatively obscure, you will be able to find a Facebook group or Pinterest board dedicated to it. As a result, micro-influencers are able to establish themselves as real influencers only through these niche groups and boards.

Nano Influencers

Influencer Marketing Platforms have become increasingly popular for showcasing a variety of different types of influencers, including nano-influencers. Nano-influencers are the new types of influencers that are gaining recognition.

Nano-influencers are often experts in obscure or highly specialized fields, and even though they tend to have a smaller following, it is not uncommon for them to have a small following. You can think of nano-influencers as the proverbial big fish to be of great significance to firms that manufacture highly specialized and niche products, they are often considered insignificant by companies that manufacture highly specialized products.

Nano-influencers are unlikely to have a significant impact on the majority of firms, however, if they do not have enough influence. If you want to reach a wide audience in most niches, you would need hundreds of nano-influencers in order to reach them, regardless of the fact that they may be extremely cheap and have a tremendous influence on a small number of people.

What Do you mean by Influencer Marketing?

It is a term that has risen from brands realizing their power, peer influence, and customer recommendations over other forms of marketing. Currently, social media is quite popular, and consumers are flocking to it in huge numbers and sharing their opinions about brands and products.

Brands can take advantage of the fact that people have been heavily influenced by second-hand information from opinion leaders to make their brands stand out. Many companies have realized the importance of influencer marketing and have begun to identify top influencers in their fields, connect with them, and use their influence to reach their audiences better. Numerous influencer marketing platforms have also emerged online over the past few years in order to promote the use of influencer marketing.

Need for Influencer Marketing

Due to their relatability, influencers are considered ‘ordinary celebrities’ because they are able to be considered relatable to the average person. These influencers are particularly well-regarded by teenagers and young adults in their twenties who regard them as close friends and believe they make an important contribution to their lives.

Indian brands are turning to influencer marketing agencies and influencer marketing platforms for the purpose of increasing their exposure to a younger demographic and boosting sales.

The influencer marketing industry in India is predicted to grow in 2023 to Rs 1,638 crore, $2,048 crore in 2024, $2,456 crore in 2025, and Rs 2,800 crore in 2026, thanks to new influencer marketing platforms.

During those times, everyone was stuck at home, so the internet was their only way to get in touch with the outside world. It is without a doubt that the pandemic played a big part in this cause. During this time, people started following famous people on social media and listening to their opinions. small pond.

What is an Influencer Marketing platform?

As influencer marketing platforms offer massive searchable databases of potential influencers, which are based on smart algorithms, brands and agencies are looking for influencers. In addition to relationship management and campaign management, an influencer marketing platform offers third-party analytics, influencer marketplaces, and influencer content amplification, among other features. 

In addition to managing a brand’s influencer strategy, an influencer marketing platform can also be used to do so. It has been reported that businesses worldwide are earning up to $20 for every $1 they spend on influencer marketing. A dedicated platform is one of the best ways to monitor results from your collaborations, from researching creators to reviewing ROI. Considering this, you should consider creating a dedicated platform as part of your marketing strategy. 

In this way, you don’t have to manually search the internet for the data you might need to define one’s influencer marketing. According to a report published in 2018, the global market for influencer marketing platforms was valued at USD 4.6 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow by more than 25% annually between 2019 and 2025. In recent years, brands and agencies have been encouraged to develop deeper connections with consumers in order to enhance their reach beyond the traditional means of marketing, and influencer marketing has been able to enhance this reach beyond what was previously possible.

How to choose an influencer marketing platform?

If you want to achieve your influencer marketing goals, you’ll have to pick an influencer marketing platform that fits your business objectives. Here are some of the elements to consider.

It’s vital that you like how your influencer marketing platform works because it’s going to be used every day, which is why if you don’t like how it works you could end up spending more time learning the influencer marketing platform than seeing results from it.

A free demo or trial period of an influencer marketing platform can help you determine if it matches your needs. You might decide too late that a platform is not right for you if you don’t try it out. Before investing, you can try out influencer marketing platforms that give you a feel for how they operate. When using a high-quality influencer marketing platform, you can use a free trial for a short time to evaluate it. Demonstrations let you see how it works.

 There are differences between influencer marketing software, so it is important to focus on the marketing goals of your brand before you begin your search for influencer marketing software. In order to find influencer marketing software that works for your company, you need to first understand what your company requires.

If you want to work with influencers, you need to identify the platforms that will help you reach your target audience and how you will measure the return on investment of your influencer initiatives. Identifying software that is compatible with those needs will be the next step. Take into account how your needs might change in the future.

For instance, you might prioritize Instagram influencers at first, but then decide to expand to TikTok later. You want to plan for this upfront so you don’t have to move your data to a new influencer marketing platform later on. 

An Influencer Marketing platform should provide insightful marketing analytics: If you want to use influencer marketing effectively, you need a platform that doesn’t just let you connect with influencers; it should also give you insight into how effective your campaigns are.

Also, you need to find out if this platform is an API partner for a lot of social platforms, or if it can only show metrics that are publicly available. If you want to use influencer marketing effectively, you need a platform that doesn’t just let you connect with influencers; it should also give you insight into how effective your campaigns are. Also, you need to find out if this platform is an API partner for a lot of social platforms, or if it can only show metrics that are publicly available.

Software companies will list some of the most noteworthy customers on their websites. You can use an influencer marketing platform’s customer list to evaluate if they’re a good fit for a company of your size or industry.

These references are an excellent way to evaluate their reputation. It is important to understand that a large brand managing its own influencer marketing efforts is going to have very different requirements than an influencer marketing agency seeking a platform that can support multiple clients.

An influencer marketing platform should be able to manage influencer campaigns and communicate with influencers easily. It is one of the primary functions of an influencer marketing platform. It is easy to create a new campaign by simply clicking a few buttons.

You can use campaign dashboards to view real-time performance so that you can make adjustments to your campaign as you go along. As well as this, you can also use them to view posts from individual influencers so that you are aware of the type of coverage that you are receiving.

The majority of influencer marketing platforms come with their own in-app collaboration and communication tools, making it incredibly easy for you to communicate with your influencer contacts. There are also some platforms that offer email integrations so that you can track your influencer contacts’ messaging history. In the case that this is an important aspect of your business, it would be worth checking to see if the functionality of your chosen platform is available on it.

Brands probably need to work with influencers across all platforms because some influencer marketing platforms support only one or two social media platforms. If you want to succeed with influencer marketing, you need an influencer marketing platform that supports multiple social platforms and simultaneous campaign management. Make sure that expectations match the capabilities of the software before choosing a solution by checking what limitations or campaign restrictions are imposed.

Influencer marketing platforms in India

While influencer marketing agencies act as mediators between brands and influencers. Typically, influencer marketing platforms or agencies ally with brands as well as influencers, and assist businesses in streamlining the process by connecting them with relevant influencers in their niche by connecting them with these agencies or platforms.

In order to pique your curiosity, let’s see some of the top influencer marketing platforms: 

Grynow Media

Amongst the leading influencer marketing platforms in India, Grynow is a platform or agency that connects brands with influencers through its influencer marketing platform. They have more than 50,000 social media influencers, artists, bloggers, and content creators as part of our influencer marketing campaigns. They are trusted by more than 200 top brands for their marketing, growth, and brand awareness.


After just four years of operation, Klear as an influencer marketing platform has worked with some of the best international brands in the world, including Veritas, Huawei, Kayak, IBM, Adidas, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola, among others. Whether it’s small businesses trying to establish a foothold or giant corporations trying to maintain their position, they cater to everyone.


The founder of POPxo, Priyanka Gill, has established Pixxo, an influencer marketing platform. It has more than 26,000 influencers in India. There are brands that offer paid campaigns through bloggers, YouTubers, Tiktok creators, celebrities, Facebook influencers, Instagram influencers, Twitterati, and college/university/school campus influencers. 

6th Street Artist

Over 1,000 influencers and 500+ brands are represented by this platform, which is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms in India. There are a number of reputed brands that they list here, including Hindustan Times, Livpure, Kuvera, MX Takatak, Rummy Passion, and T-Series. The 6th Street Artist provides services across a variety of social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, MX Takatak, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. 


In addition to Western Union, Zara, Amazon, Cure Fit, Hotstar, Mother Dairy, and Faasos, many brands have benefited from this influencer marketing platform, which is where brands and influencers tell their stories.

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