How to choose influencers to market your product?

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Working with the right influencer will land your business sales. 

From fashion to gaming, influencer marketing is spread through a wide range of categories. Picking out the right influencer based on your niche and demographics may involve extensive research.

Associating an influencer with your brand promotions and campaigns can benefit you greatly. But how do you look for an ideal influencer?

Your brand values should be reflected in the types of influencers you select. However, to find the right influencer, you need to analyze your brand campaign first. 

You may have several goals in running a campaign. These goals may include content creation, app downloads, registrations, brand awareness, increased followers/engagement or newsletter subscriptions. Based on these goals, your influencer hunting process starts. For instance, if you’re setting your campaign to increase the awareness of your beauty brand, you will look for a make-up artist or someone who is vocal about make-up products rather than someone who creates lip-syn content around it. 

To ease your process of selecting an ideal influencer, here are the characteristics you need to consider while researching for one. 

  1. Audience 

The influencer’s followers should fall under your niche and demographics. For example, if you are promoting a skateboard, the influencer’s audience must be skaters between the age group of 15-25. 

  1. Engagement Rate

An influencer’s engagement rate tells how well their content is connecting with and engaging their audience. An engaged audience shows that the influencers’ content is being watched.

  1. Relevance 

The influencer’s social media feed should reflect posts around your product or service. For instance, if you are looking to promote a fashion accessory, your ideal influencer’s social media must have fashion aspects to it. 

  1. Content Quality 

Your ideal influencer must be creative enough to promote your product or service. For them to appear authentic, you also have to give them creative freedom and allow them to use their own tone.

Considering these factors, where can you find the perfect influencer? 

  1. Hashtags 

A hashtag is a great tool that organizes a specific type of content under one title. When looking for models, for example, you need to search the word model or industry-related words to find your ideal match.

  1. Online Databases 

You can find databases online that store the engagement and frequency rate of influencers. Some of the popular databases are Qoruz, Upfluence, HypeAuditor, and Storyclash among more. 

Some influencer marketing platforms may minimize your research process. 

6th Street is one such influencer marketing platform that acts as a bridge between brands and influencers. Along with connecting your brand with the right influencer, the platform also provides end-to-end services for content generation. 

6th Street takes care of every aspect of your brand’s needs, from script-writing to post-production. The platform has more than 100 influencers serving a wide range of categories. Connect with an influencer marketing platform today and find your ideal influencer in no time.

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