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Vrinda Sharma

Vrinda Sharma Vrinda Sharma is a yoga instructor whose Instagram profile is dedicated to influencing her audience about everything yoga and fitness. Her follower count is soon to reach the thousand mark under the Instagram handle of @yogabyvrinz. Vrinda Sharma has been featured on many YouTube channels associated with fitness like Hindustan Times. Scrolling her […]
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Dharna Durga

Dharna Durga Dharna Durga has taken the internet by storm with her quirky and relatable Bollywood mimics. Scrolling through her feed is a fun ride of laughter and sarcasm. She has collected a crowd of over 87.6K and her reels often get viral on Instagram. You will fall in love with Dharna Durga’s apt imitation […]
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Vanshika Singh Rajawat

Vanshika Singh Rajawat Vanshika Singh Rajawat is a fashionista who has collaborated with fashion giants like Myntra, Amazon, and more. Her reels are entertaining and informative as she tours brand outlets and lets her audience know about its collection. With her exceptional content, Vanshika Rajawat has garnered 34K+ followers and is continuing to attract more. […]
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Fiza Fiza is achieving heights as a social media influencer while also being a mother and a wife. She has 35.4K+ followers on Instagram and her YouTube presence under the name of Stay Sassy Vlogs has got her over 143K subscribers. Fiza makes her audience smile by making funny and relatable videos with her family. […]
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Dewanshi Gupta

Dewanshi Gupta Dewanshi Gupta is a popular social media influencer under the username ‘dewanshi_thesstyledrug’ on Instagram. She has a loving crowd of more than 52.3K and is titled Times Iconic Digital Content Creator. Dewanshi Gupta is an entrepreneur and has achieved many honours at such a young age. Along with flaunting her fashion sense, she […]
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Mahir Malhotra

Mahir Malhotra Mahir Malhotra is already the internet’s favourite content creator with over 45.3K followers on Instagram. He has a strong presence on YouTube as well with more than 20.8K subscribers. Mahir Malhotra specialises in making comedy short videos. His memes often do rounds on the Internet. He makes reaction videos and stays updated with […]
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Mahira Bhatia

Mahira Bhatia Mahira Bhatia is a fashionista who informs her audience about her favourite makeup and fashion products. Her Instagram profile is a mix of glam, informative, and entertaining content. Mahira Bhatia has garnered a crowd of 96.4K+ and is making efforts to reserve her place on the internet. She likes to showcase her lifestyle […]
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Amisha Singh

Amisha Singh Amisha Singh is a cheerful personality who makes her audience smile with her quirky reel videos. She has garnered 96.6K+ followers on Instagram and 153K+ subscribers on YouTube, and is continuing to grow. She is unafraid to be transparent to her audience with her extemporary and genuine content. Amisha Singh has collaborated with […]
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Mr. Ranawat

Mr. Ranawat Mr Ranawat likes to call himself a BeardPreneur on Instagram. As his name suggests, his Instagram reflects beard and hair care content. He has over 219K followers on Instagram and has appeared in many Punjabi music videos. Mr Ranawat is a star in Punjab and also a growing social media influencer. He likes […]
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Bharat Ahalawat

Bharat Ahalawat Bharat Ahalawat is popular on Instagram under the name of ‘That Lifestyle Guy’. He has garnered 135K+ followers on Instagram and 4.62K+ subscribers on YouTube by creating engaging and informative content on skin, hair, fashion, and grooming. Bharat Ahlawat has collaborated with giants like Flipkart. He is known to make his way through […]
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