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Anku Sharma

Anku Sharma Anku Sharma is a shopaholic who uses her hobby in the favour of her audience. She entertains her Instagram followers of 141K+ by making fashion hauls, reviews, unboxing, and makeup videos on Instagram. Anku Sharma has a strong presence on YouTube as well with 449K+ subscribers. She likes to showcase her lifestyle, travel […]
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Tanya Singh Bhatnagar

Tanya Singh Bhatnagar Tanya Singh Bhatnagar is an active social media influencer who entertains her audience with dance and lip-sync videos. Her Instagram presence is growing stronger than ever with 194K followers. Tanya Singh Bhatnagar likes to talk about her lifestyle, travel diaries, acting and more. She has collaborated with big brands like Mama Earth, […]
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Mandar AKA TristanTube

Mandar AKA TristanTube Mandar, popularly known as Tristan Tube, is a multi-talented artist who sprinkles sparkle everywhere he goes. Mandar has over 355K followers who enjoy the exposure of the artist’s makeup and fashion sense. Running through Mandar’s Instagram feed is a colourful journey one would like to take.  Category: Entertainment Location : Mumbai Instagram
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Sufiyan Khan

Sufiyan Khan Sufiyan Khan is an entertainer who never seems to stop. With back-to-back videos, he is creating his name in the social media industry. He has a widespread presence on YouTube and Instagram. Recognized on Tiktok, Sufiyan Khan is a model continuing his journey on Instagram. The number of followers he has garnered is […]
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Arunendra Kumar

Arunendra Kumar Arunendra Kumar is a multi-talented creator who is gifted with acting and expressing words through poetry. He shares sneak peeks of his life and entertains his audience. His poetic side is also seen on his Instagram profile. His YouTube channel is filled with emotions, feelings, life stories, and tips, with over 250K subscribers. […]
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Rimorov Vlogs

Rimorov Vlogs The trio behind Rimorov Vlogs are Rishi Dev, Mohena Singh, and Gaurav Wadhwa. The bunch of talent have a dedicated Instagram profile of their entertaining content. The trio have amassed over 494K followers and are continuing to attract many more. Rishi Dev, Mohena Singh, and Gaurav Wadhwa are television actors who are expanding […]
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Avnish Jaiswar

Avnish Jaiswar Avnish Jaiswar, popularly known under the username of Last Minute, is a creator who tickles his audience through his funny content. He gained popularity from Tiktok and amassed over 547K followers on Instagram and 580K+ subscribers on YouTube. In just a few months of his fame, Avnish Jaiswar has collaborated with many Bollywood […]
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Ishitha Shetty

Ishitha Shetty Ishitha Shetty’s identity is her long locks. Influencing her audience on healthy hair and beauty guides, she is a strong catch for beauty brands. Her actions are not only limited to sharing thoughts. She also believes in working towards a cause. Ishitha Shetty has garnered over 686K followers and continues to inspire her […]
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Shweta Singh

Shweta Singh Shweta Singh is a model and a social media star with 1.3M+ followers on Instagram. She has been the internet’s favourite after her videos went viral on Tiktok. She also entertains her audience on YouTube with her engaging vlogs and has achieved more than 11.7K subscribers. Shweta Singh likes to travel, dance, and […]
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Ayaan Zubair

Ayaan Zubair Ayaan Zubair is a born talent who received recognition in a short span of time. He has acted in many Indian television series as a child artist. His debut television serial was ‘Jodha Akbar’ which aired in 2013. Entertainment flows through Ayaan Zubair’s veins as he comes from a family of entertainers. He […]
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