Top Influencers In India: Who to Follow in 2023

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Top Influencers In India_ Who to Follow

The age of influencers was rampant in 2022 and there have been ways one can leverage this to our own advantage. Besides the generic Instagram influencers, there are also those who have carved out their own niches, such as beauty and lifestyle influencers. In this blog, we discuss in detail some of the top beauty bloggers in India.

Who is an influencer?

What is an influencer

During the last decade, social media has grown dramatically in importance. The number of people using social media exceeds 4.59 billion. Inevitably, these people look up to social media influencers to guide their decision-making.

In social media, influencers are individuals who are known for their expertise and knowledge of a particular topic. In order to generate a large following of enthusiastic, engaged people who pay close attention to what they have to say, they regularly post about that topic on their preferred social media channels. Social media influencers help brands create marketing trends and encourage their followers to purchase their products.

Category of Influencers based on Reach

Nano Influencers (1K–10K followers)

Nano influencers usually have between 1K and 10K followers on social media. In addition, they are very active on social media channels and have a high engagement rate. In general, nano influencers are very vocal advocates for brands and products that they love and their followers appreciate their authentic opinions and recommendations. In order to cultivate those relationships, they take the time to engage with their followers and have a very close relationship with them.

Micro Influencers (10K–100K followers)

It is common for micro-influencers to have between 10K and 100K followers. Despite the fact that they have such a large following, micro-influencers are still viewed as relatable by their followers and usually have engaged audiences. A niche-specific influencer tends to specialize at this level. In addition to having high engagement rates, they usually have a targeted audience, which makes it easier for brands to create sponsorships with these influencers.

Macro Influencers (100K–1M followers)

 An influencer with a macro following tends to appeal to a broader audience than one with a micro following. They are usually internet-made celebrities, such as social media stars, bloggers, vloggers, or podcasters. In addition to having a large audience, macro influencers are likely to have developed that audience over months or even years by nurturing relationships and growing their followers. Since they have a large following, their engagement rate is likely to be low.

Mega or celebrity influencers (1M+ followers)

You’ll need a large marketing budget to afford mega influencers and celebrities with more than 1 million followers because they’re usually celebrities themselves. Mega influencers will appeal to a wide audience, so it’s important to understand that.

Category of Influencers based on Content

As influencers cater to niche audiences, we can classify them into various categories as per their expertise. Some Of them are: 

Beauty Influencers

Generally, beauty bloggers or influencers are social media users or bloggers with a large following on social media or a large number of followers on their websites. The influencers are known for their beauty, makeup, or skincare blogs and videos, as well as sharing tips, products, and services they use, or their favourite brands, on their channels. 

It is our goal to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to leverage influencer marketing and digital marketing for your brand, which you can purchase on Amazon. We can give you more insight into influencer marketing and digital marketing for your brand if you visit our website. 

Lifestyle Influencers

Influencers share a variety of content, including food, #OOTDs, and upcoming vacations. A candid look into their daily lives makes them incredibly relatable and authentic. They’re simply sharing their daily lives, whether they’re taking their kids to Disney or trying out a new diet. It’s not just about breadth – there’s also plenty of depth to be found in these accounts. There are good things, bad things, and ugly things they are sharing with us. 

They have a large following despite not clearly defining a niche because they have impeccable taste and trust with their followers. The unique style they have and the beautiful content they produce attract their audience. Overall, these accounts create a community of followers who want to emulate their lifestyles – they become go-to places for ideas, tips, inspiration, and more. Being relatable and authentic also builds trust with followers.  

Food Influencers

The term ‘food influencer’ refers to an online content creator with a large and/or loyal following who specializes in food-related content. It’s a pretty broad definition, which makes sense. Don’t worry, we’ll break it all down more at the end. Instagram is usually where food influencers work.

Whether through YouTube, TikTok, or a combination of all three, their output encompasses a similarly eclectic range of styles and topics, including recipes, product testing, creative cooking (and eating) challenges, restaurant recommendations, and technique tutorials. Since food influencers are capable of reaching a global audience or serving a very specific niche, they can be incredibly valuable partners when it comes to reaching specific audiences with brand messaging, a fact amplified in part by the universality of their subject matter.

Gaming Influencers

On platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, gaming influencers live to stream their gameplay and can attract millions of followers looking to improve their own skills. As well as promoting video games, they also promote products related to them. Partnering with gaming influencers is likely to produce great results for brands specializing in vehicles, clothing, shoes, snacks, and beverages.

Travel Influencers

The travel influencer is not just a source of FOMO, they provide a lot more. Besides offering travel advice, influencers also review travel-related brands and recommend itineraries, including places to eat. In the same way as gaming and fitness, travel can be divided into several niches, including gear, places to visit, and how-to guides.

Personal finance blogs

As a personal finance blogger, your responsibility is to inform and educate your readers on how to save money. A large following has been cultivated by Making Cents of Finance due to the fact that it provides readers with answers to pressing questions about investing, credit cards, and retirement.

Experts in finance blogging suggest that you should build credibility and relationships before focusing on monetization. You can’t build trust overnight, and it takes time. Start by adapting relatable and actionable financial advice into an informative first post to get started. Is there anything that you learned in your first post that you can reflect on as a financial lesson?

Parenting Influencers

Social media is filled with parenting influencers sharing tips and tricks, reviewing products, and sharing their own experiences as parents. A wide range of industries can benefit from parenting influencers by promoting their products and services.

10 Indian Influencers:

Ankita Srivastava (@corallistablog, 352K followers)

In order to share her passion for beauty and make-up with the online world, Ankita started up her blog ‘Corallista’ as part of her undergraduate program at IIT Bombay in order to share her love for beauty and make-up with others. As the founder of this blog, she coined the term ‘Corallista’ in order to express her passion for the coral colour trend that had taken the beauty world by storm at the time.

Her first year after graduating from engineering was spent building Corallista, an online beauty destination with comprehensive reviews, tutorials, and looks. In addition to writing blogs and content about DIY makeup and beauty, she has also written about fat shame and body weight discrimination. Having achieved such success and having such a wide demand for her expertise, she now offers one-to-one consultations to those who may be unsure about which product is right for them.

Sharan Hegde (@financewithsharan, 2M followers)

Besides posting interesting content about investing, managing money, and money psychology on Instagram, Sharan was also a former management consultant for one of the Big 4 financial institutions. Sharan’s captions should also be taken into account as they contain valuable information as well, so it is advised that you read them carefully. 

Despite the fact that his videos are entertaining and educational at the same time, there is something very interesting about them. You can follow Sharan’s stuff on My Man Finance with Sharan’s Instagram page, which has almost a million followers.

Shivesh Bhatia(@shivesh17, 899K followers)

In the culinary world, Shivesh Bhatia is known for his dessert recipes among self-taught bakers and food influencers in New Delhi. He features recipes for cakes, pastries, cookies, and many more, which are popular in the Indian market, in his book, which is written by a 26-year-old from India. He won the Outlook Social Media award in 2016 and was named one of Vogue’s “20 Under 26” in 2017.

 A social media award of the year was given to him by CondeNast Traveler India in 2017. A Better Homes and Gardens award was given to Bake With Shivesh the same year. Living Foodz awarded him Best Instagrammer of the Year in 2018, and Cosmopolitan bloggers awarded him Best food feed of the year in 2019, 2021, and 2022. Bake With Shivesh, his first book, was released in November 2018. Harper Collins published it and Amazon ranked it as one of the top sellers

Ajey Nagar(@carryminati, 16.4M followers)

He is best known as Carry Minati, an Indian YouTuber and streamer from Faridabad who roasts videos does comedic skits, and reacts to various online topics. His other channel is dedicated to gaming and live streaming. His roast video on YouTube India titled “YouTube vs TikTok – The End” caused controversy in May 2020.

As a result, YouTube removed the video for violating its terms of service, citing cyberbullying and harassment as reasons for its removal. The leaders’ list for 2019 by Time magazine is an annual award that recognizes the most innovative young people in the world. He was a part of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in April 2020. Additionally, he has a cameo appearance as himself in the movie Runway 34, which is released in 2022.

Shreya Jain (@shreyajain26, 453k followers)

Among India’s most influential influencers on Instagram is Shreya Jain, a makeup influencer, blogger, and Youtuber. Shreya has excellent taste when it comes to her appearance and keeps herself neat and tidy. She demonstrated her stylistic skills during Lakme Fashion Week and Amazon India Fashion Week by creating stunning looks for her clients.

In addition to styling models for editorial photo shoots that have been published by well-known women’s magazines, Shreya also writes on her blog, “Beauty in the Third World,” where she shares insightful observations with her readers. Shreya’s influence has been significantly increased by using platforms such as Instagram and Facebook since 2010, when she released her first YouTube video titled, “DIY facial mask-fuller earth (2010).” 

Shivya Nath (@shivya, 109K followers)

Shivya completely dismantled her life and transformed it within the span of five years, and travel played a key role in her transformation. It is no secret that she is a vegan nomad, and the results of her wanderings are a book, a clothing line that raises funds for forests in Uttarakhand, and a deep belief in slow conscious travel.

Several news outlets, including the BBC and the Washington Post, have highlighted her journey projects’, all dedicated to the cause that had led her to take on a major gamble back in 2011. From the cubicle in an office to now living on the road, Shivya’s Instagram shares her travels, advice, and thoughts.

Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl, 1.7m followers)

There is no doubt in my mind that Kritika Khurana, aka @thatbohogirl, is another prominent name on our list. With her boho style combined with her elegance, she has made a statement in the Indian youth. She blends in almost every attire with ease, ranging from sarees to westerns and even indo-western fusions. If you are looking for inspiration to become a famous fashion influencer in India, Kritika might be able to help you.

Bhuvan Bam(@bhuvan.bam22, 11m followers)

Bhuvan Bam is one name everyone will know. If you like watching videos on different social media platforms related to entertainment, his name will always pop up first on the list. He is one of the few entertainment influencers of this generation who has been successful in reaching a high level in the niche. He has numerous viral videos to his credit.

He is one influencer who has successfully entered the profession of acting by producing his own show Dhindora for his youtube channel BB ki Vines. He has recently acted as the lead in the Hotstar series Taaza Khabar. His Instagram account is followed by over 11 million people, and you can check out his YouTube channel for more entertaining videos.

Dolly Singh(@dollysingh, 1m followers)

There is also the famous entertainment influencer Dolly Singh, who makes awareness videos and comedy videos all over the country. Her production team includes her own makeup artist, videographer, and photographer, making her one of the fastest-growing celebrity influencers in India. She enjoys speaking about Indian traditions and how they are reflected in society. The actress has also made her way into acting and was seen in the movie Double XL with Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi and in the Netflix series Bhaag Beanie Bhaag with Swara Bhaskar.

Vivek Mittal (@fittuber, 279K followers)

There is no doubt that Vivek Mittal, popularly known as ‘Fit Tuber’ on his YouTube channel, is a prominent personality in the fitness sphere. He has over 3 million followers and has received over 250 million online views since the launch of his channel. Fit Tuber Hindi, a YouTube channel dedicated to fitness and health, has been launched in order to reach a wider audience.

It is Fit Tuber’s mission to make people understand that health always comes first, not just at the margins of a particular society where language barriers are prevalent. He covers a wide range of topics, imparts wisdom, and discusses issues that everyone can benefit from. Health and self-confidence are the most important things; everything else follows. Among his videos are ones on weight loss, healthy recipes, protecting yourself from harmful chemicals used in dairy products, and others related to fitness and health.

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